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Dvořák, off the Jupiter pack, is 36"x36" with a 1.75" cradle, acrylic on canvas. The creation of this piece occurred while listening to nothing but Dvořák. "Off the Pack" is a head nod to the use of cannabis. The design that came through is one of a flowing, almost gaseous-like substance that appears as if its Jupiter or a Gas giant— this is indicative of the psycho-emotional state I was in in creating this; there is a weight, intensity, and depth to it, like much of Dvořák’s work. But even within all of that is the power of creation, almost a Yoni, as one observer made. Currently in posession of a private owner


Sols Anvil, 48”Lx36W” 1.75 cradle, acrylic on wood This piece was created in the summer of 2023 after I moved apartments; the building I moved from was peculiar, it just felt weird. This piece came after that, settling into my new place, with Funk and Soul from the 60s-80s pulsating through the air. In effect, one might call it a self-portrait; within it, you might be able to see both ominous and hopeful feelings and perceptions, a grounded weight yet flight.

Primordially Lush 40"L x 30W, 1.75 cradle acrylic, mixed-mediums on wood Made during the end of 2022, and the beginning of 2023, a period of renewal, rebirth, a new job, a new year, and a scheme for a week in the Caribean with the two Jac(k)ies was afoot. Yusef Lateef was a common visitor during this period, “A Love Theme From Spartica” especially so. In looking at this piece, it feels ancient, and old, you might end up lost in a jungle; if you keep moving, maybe you’ll find that temple you’ve been looking for.


Higgs from Higginbotham, my paternal lineage, a rich history of Civil Rights, liberation, and the struggle of the African Diaspora. Finding meaning, soul, and a people in the attempt to capture and erase those very things.

Higgs is the Higgs Boson, the particle that gives things mass. Without it, all this space and existence would have no mass.

About the Art & Artist

These pieces are created through an emotionally driven, intuitive process. This process is guided by my absorption of life, society, sound, light, and physical space— it is how I experience life and existence and, in turn, is an expression of existence itself. These are made in a soundscape of a wide variety of musical genres, where, at times, I enter an almost psychedelic state, as if my neurons are forging new connections in each creation, with those connections being expressed within the creation itself. 


The experience of these works reflects an existence of itself and the paradox of the uniqueness of our own individual existences— what you are seeing and experiencing is only experienced inside you. So this expression of my existence quickly expands, living in an almost liminal state, challenging boundaries and perceptions as you form new neural connections in viewing the art. 


The use of color, space, and shapes is an expression of not only my own internal world but of existence both here and elsewhere in the grander universe. While I see the world as it is, say a couch as a couch, I also see beyond it, its existence, our existence as the universe— a simultaneous feeling of being separate from and together, creating an abstract lived experience. 


To view these, step forward and back, and look at different angles and times of day. Not only that, but each time is a different experience, as each time you see them, you are different. 


A Broken Land, 36”x36”, 1.75” cradle Acrylic on Wood This piece is one part of a larger series of paintings created to Andre 3000s, New Blue Sun, an ethereal flute album through the fall of 2023. A time where the tides of fascism rose and genocide exploded in Palestine (and many other places across the globe), a blood moon, a blood hand, our home, and our land…where are we going?

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